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2004 TDI passat wagon.

Ok so I had some intermittent TCC clutch slip (I believe) and bought Transgo 5HP19PR Pressure Regulator Valve that is said to address this. Installed the new valve as carefully and cleanly as possible. Installed new filter, gasket, and 'zf lifeguard 5' fluid. Went to fire up the car as per zf "General Transmission Oil Filling Procedure" to allow additional fluid to be pulled into the internals BUT was unable to get the shifter out of park. Added more fluid with engine running (as per procedure), but no improvement.

Confirmed that this is not the shift interlock as its action would only allow slight wiggle of the shifter, while with brake pressed I could get significantly more movement from shifter, but not enough to get out of park.

I then increased the jack/jackstand lift on the rear of the car in hopes that it just wasn't allowing enough fluid in to reach pump/filter inlet; as I had it lifted with significantly higher front end to allow better draining of fluid. added more fluid to point of dripping; still not able to get out of park. engine on, engine off, doesn't matter.

Leveled car on jackstands (as I should have done from the start) and ensured fluid was fill to point of dripping with engine running. No luck. getting frusturated, I gave it a bit more force than I was comfortable with, and got it to jump into R. Now I am able to move selector between all positions, including manual select. but not back into park. manual select remains in gear 1 regardless of selector up/down action. wheels are not getting any movement regardless of selector position.

NO code after over hours of messing with this. only time I tripped a code was when I increased engine RPM in hopes of something catching. codes cleared fine and did not return. codes:

17114 - Gear Ratio Monitoring
P0730 - 003 - Incorrect Gear Ratio
17195 - Excessive Clutch Slippage
P0811 - 003 - - MIL ON
scanner is Ross tech Hex-can

I'm thinking that I drained to much out of the torque converter and thus the transmission is not receiving any fluid coupling from engine; which somehow also means no pump movement to pull fluid to torque converter and other parts of transmission??
Somehow this also prevents shifting out of or back into park?

I really don't want to crawl under the F'ing thing aging just to undo everything I just did only see if the problem goes away... Any explanation/help would be appreciated.


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Did you ever got this fixed?

I start by saying I am not a transmission expert.
I think you don't have a choice but to take it all apart again. I think for whatever reason you were not disengaging the parking pawl (or whatever vw calls it) on the vehicle. Once u moved the shifter knob you forced it to move but did not actually disengage the parking pawl that us why u r not getting the wheels to move and are probably not in gear (reving up would have broken the parking paw).

I would guess the pressure regulator valve might be faulty?
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