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Triple gauge pod (dashmount) cup holder solution!!

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If you have the Autofacture or 42nd Street panel for gauges, you may have noticed that once the job is done, the cup holders aren't nearly as useful
At least w/Autometer gauges. The bezels get in the way of the holder's base and they don't "deploy" properly. VDO has shallower bezels and this may not be an issue.
$5.99 at Target you can get this holder device. It's a coaster w/rubberized "feet" that can be screw-driven to clamp down on anything. The arms that hold a cup also dial in-out to accept numerous sizes. I clamped it to my ebrake handle and it's perfect. Actually more steady than hanging on the dash.
Removes fast and stashes in the glovebox. Matte black, of course.
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Re: Triple gauge pod (dashmount) cup holder solution!! (Jman5000)

take a picture of it
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