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True-ing of wheels

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Okay, so back when my bug actually looked good and I had money, I put new tires on it. It took me about 2 months of stalking junkyards to find a "decent" set of stock rims. Still, even the best on-the-car balance I could get couldn't completely make it run smooth.
So, I had the tires trued (sp).
The scoop on it is that they put a shaving implement on a spinner, which spins your tire and shaves off a bit of rubber. A lot like turning a drum, if there are any highs and lows, they get shaved off. Ostensibly, if your rim is just a little bent, this shaves off a bit of the tire to compensate.
Then, you get it on-the-car balanced and it's like butter.
So, it's time to get new rubber.
However, the car doesn't look nearly so good any more, and I'm buying my lunch today with the change in my ashtray.
So, does anyone know of a better way, save getting new rims, to get a bug to ride smooth?
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Re: True-ing of wheels (jackr)

You had the wheels spin balanced with tires on them? And then the trueing helped beyond that?
I would think that with a proper spin balance the trueing is a moot point. Of course if the wheels are that far out of round even the (tire) trueing is just a band-aid. Get the Wheels trued up (straightened) and that should make all the difference.
Re: True-ing of wheels (seattlelab)

I wasn't aware that you could straighten mildly warped rims?
Most all original rims that can be found these days have been on the car for at least 20 years, and as such will tend to be not-quite-as-round-as-they-should-be in shape. Figure if I can't find a good way of using the rims I have, will just go buy new ones <ugh>
Re: True-ing of wheels (jackr)

Before you pony up for new wheels you might want to "let your fingers do the walking" and check out the phone book under Wheel > Repair.
I think that most places should be able to true up all four steel wheels for less than the cost of a single new one.
Re: True-ing of wheels (jackr)

Ok, if you lived closer, say to Boise, ID I could give you the name and number to a guy that can work wonders with wheels. N E way, pending on the wheel material, a wheel can be re-worked. As far as the shaving off rubber goes,...I would highly recommend not giving that ghetto shop business any more. If a wheel shows off balance by a lot on a balance machine, you remove the tire, and turn it 180 deg. around the wheel. Wheels and tires both have high points on them. Get them together,and they will never balance. Go to some tire shop that does a lot of "wheel" business, in particular one that the employees are auto enthusiasts them selves, and ask if they know of a good shop for resurfacing/realigning wheels.
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