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Trunk Q's

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My girl just got a new beetle. it is cool!
To open the trunk on her car with the button on the driverside door, you push it, go to the back and it pops it but not all the way to open it.
If you push the button, and RUN back it will be open.
You can hear the little mechanism open the latch then after about 5 seconds it closes it again.
Using the key does the same thing.
Is this normal??
Also any way to fix the trunk button on the remote, that doesnt wrok either?
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Re: Trunk Q's (vdubjim)

Hmmm... I know my mom's NB doesn't do that.
Re: Trunk Q's (BoraVR6)

I have the same problem, but unfortunately no answer for it yet.
Re: Trunk Q's (vdubjim)

If you are asking if it is normal for the trunk to lock itself again after a few seconds, yes it is normal. This is a safety feature so if someone has the same frequency remote and they are parked close to you it will unlock your trunk too, but if the trunk lid is not lifted within a few seconds it will relock preventing someone else from walking by and opening it.
Re: Trunk Q's (vdubjim)

I forgot about the remote button on the key. You have to hold it down for a couple of seconds. You cant just push it.
hope this helps.
Re: Trunk Q's (Nardman)

you the man!!!!
it works.
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