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Trunk Sealing

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back in december/january a couple ppl on the board also expressed their issues with their trunks leaking through the taillights...
what kind of sealant have you used to stop this problem? someone mentioned "something from wal mart" or something... will lock tite work for this? i have a huge tube of that... what other specific product names will work?
thanks alot
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Re: Trunk Sealing (eightvalvejettacarat)

Pull off your tail lights and check the rubber gasket under the lights. It is probally all smashed down. Get some new gaskets and install them then see if it leaks any more. That would be the best way to do it. Be carefull though those studs on the breaklights break off easy. Don't tighten them to tight. Just enough to smush the gasket a little.
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