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trying to slam a MKIII Jetta on 18's

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I just purchased a 95 Jetta and lowered it using a full set of coilover's. it sits somewhat low, but I know I can go much much lower. The problem is that the back tires rub on the inner fender. Not on the back side, but on the half facing the front of the car. I looked under the car and I see why it does. it is because of the large suspension plate like thing that connects everythig to the car. it hinges near under the rear seat so the lower you go, instead of forcing the wheels straight up into the fender well, it also bring the wheels forward. HELP I need to find a way to push the wheels back farther than they are so they wont rub. ANY IDEAS????

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Re: trying to slam a MKIII Jetta on 18's (mspjettaIII)

you cant...it just naturally does this on every MKIII
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