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Saturday night STREET TimeSpeedDistance rally on 4/29 starting in Mount Kisco NY. Should be a 2 to 4 hour rally from 40 to 120 miles. Registration between 5pm and 6:15pm, drivers meeting at 6:30pm, first car out at 7pm (leaving in car number order). Any street legal car with no lights higher than headlights. Trophys to top scorers and for special classes (all ladies class, husband/wife team, more than 2 people in car aka family class, etc). Cars with rally computers or navi systems (GPS or otherwise) not eligable for trophys.
What you need: TWO people in each car (driver and navigator) more than 2 will be forced to run in family class, pen and clipboard or something similar to write on laps, some kind of lap lighting for navigator that wont blind the driver, a FULL tank of gas before drivers meeting (you may run out on some backroad in the middle of nowhere)
WSCC rallys can be very competitive if you're trying for a perfect score/trophy down to a fun night of driving with your spouse/child/whatever. I see cars from rallied out Subarus with huge lighting to mom & dad with two kids in the back in a minivan. You DONT need a special car for a street rally. The rally is how YOU drive it. Score is based on perfect time (too early or too late to checkpoint=bad points) and hidden signs on the side of the road (missing a sign on your score sheet=bad points) so technically if you never make a wrong turn or stop for a missed sign you would do the entire rally UNDER the speed limit. These are public roads enforced by police, drive accordingly (or dont get caught). 90% of the roads used are backroads in the middle of nowhere and there will be little to no law enforcement but you never know, its your lisence and you're on your own. Your car should be able to handle gravel and dirt roads (splitter 1" off the ground? forget it bring your beater car) but I can do it in my 2" slowered Talon so most cars should be ok.
If you have a CB radio, bring it. Its nice to be able to chat when you come across another car "in the rally". Channel 21.
Link to flier:
Better description of a WSCC TSD rally:
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