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TT 2.5 Clips

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Just wondering if anyone has any sound clips of the 2.5 TT exhaust on a 12v VR6? I was thinking about going with the magnaflow, which I love the sound of, but would still like to hear the Techtonics before I decide.
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Re: TT 2.5 Clips (MichVW)

Beuhler Beuhler? anyone have these clips....some one has to!
Re: TT 2.5 Clips (MichVW)

Bump. I want them too.

Pic for views!!

Modified by Das Eighty at 11:48 PM 1-12-2004
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Re: TT 2.5 Clips (MichVW)

search the username "Dubnerd" he had some videos of his car(vr6) with a tt.
Re: TT 2.5 Clips (TrB0GTi)

Hmm, no luck with that either, come on, I know somebodys gotta have a clip.

Re: TT 2.5 Clips (MichVW)

1990 VR6 Corrado Right Click Save As please.
2.5" stainless TT exhaust with TT highflow cat.
I miss that sound. Enjoy!
FYI: The car didn't rattle that bad. It was the battery on my camera hitting the camera body.
Re: TT 2.5 Clips (MichVW)

My exhaust is an unfair. I have a TT 2.5" no resonator and a Borla muffler. It's loud but sound great.
Before clip
New Clip!!! This is Windows UP!!!! and yes bad shifting

Windows down, 1st to 2nd.
About 7 feet away, this clip is loud

Modified by Dub Nerd at 9:16 AM 1-13-2004
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