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Tuning Zubehor

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I bought the Weitec GT kit direct from them over a month ago. Shipment came in after a week and one of the front shocks was broken. I called them up and Gary said he would send me a new one but he would have to charge me for it and I would get credited for the broken one when he received it back. I said sure sounds good to me. Well it has been about a month since he received the broken shock back and I still have no credit. I called about 5 or 6 times and explained to them and each time it was yeah no problem they will speak to accounting or I can't check right now my computers are down. It seems like everyytime you call them to get a tracking number or ask them something their computers are down. I called today and was pissed. Gary said the computers are down and to call back in an hour. Yeah right. It takes two seconds to issue a credit through the credit card machine. Why are they acting like this? They sent me two extra huge catalogues a few weeks ago and instead of throwing them out I sent them to several vortex members. I promote their business, give them my money and this is how they treat me! I will never do business with them again. Gary, and Matt are liars and cannot be trusted. Call Rapid Parts in NY they are much more honest and will talk to you and listen to your questions.
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Re: Tuning Zubehor (peppeVR6)

They pulled the same crap with me. I ordered a Badgeless grille for my Jetta and they sent me one for a Golf. They told me they wouldn't ship it out the Jetta part until they got the golf part back. And they double charged me at the same time. No more repeat business from me. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: Tuning Zubehor (peppeVR6)

I'm getting the same "our computers are down" crap as well. They charged my credit card last week and they can't even tell me if the order has shipped or not. But since this is a group buy im gonna lay back and see what happens.
My clue to them would be either
a. get someone who knows what the hell they are doing to fix their computer problems.
b. get sales people that actually treat the customer with respect and lay off the BS "computers are down" excuse.
Either way I'm steering clear in the future.
Re: Tuning Zubehor (Swervedriver)

These are not the first problems I've heard of with ZubeWhore, I have not ordered from them and don't think I will. If you guys are looking for good service try http://www.parts4vws.com or http://www.1552design.com I have ordered from both of these companies regularily and have found them to be among best in service.
Re: Tuning Zubehor (peppeVR6)

damn sorry to hear all the problems with zubehor ... although anyone with a catalog that big with so much kraut/crap (take your pick) in it also, must be suspicious

good luck getting what you guys paid for!
at least i know who not to order from in the future. thanks for the heads up
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