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Turbo Boost Control System

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I would like to gain more hp/torque for my car and I've been looking at this Turbo Boost Control System(http://www.electrodyne.cc). My question is it reliable, has anyone tried it on their 1.8T engine. Will it cause any defect to the engine. I know everyone here as a chip(apr,giac,upsolute) and it seems to be working fine, I've read also that they some have had problems with their chips.
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Re: Turbo Boost Control System (jiggyjames79)

I have it. It's the real deal.
Re: Turbo Boost Control System (jiggyjames79)

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On Topic: I like the BCS. 6,000 miles never had a problem.
Re: Turbo Boost Control System (jstover)

Works fine with AWD and AWW, the problems I've heard of was with AWP, but I think they figured it out.
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