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Turbo Boost Control System

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I would like to gain more hp/torque for my car and I've been looking at this Turbo Boost Control System(http://www.electrodyne.cc). My question is it reliable, has anyone tried it on their 1.8T engine. Will it cause any defect to the engine. I know everyone here as a chip(apr,giac,upsolute) and it seems to be working fine, I've read also that they some have had problems with their chips.
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Re: Turbo Boost Control System (jiggyjames79)

go for it, they work great. the only real problems people were having has now been resolved with the new units. if you have a newer car and buy one used, it can be retrofitted to work just like the new ones rather simply.
oh, and many people (mostly ones with chips) worry about the stock ecu not providing enough fuel when at full boost, but worry not. the stock computer works up to 1 bar (14.5 psi) of pressure without problems.
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