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In case you saw my other post I posted the exact same thing because it was not getting many replies so i'm trying again

BACKGROUND: for my 14th birthday my dad bought me a run down not starting 2006 Volkswagon GTI manual trans, On my 15th birthday my dad finished the engine swap to get it running and now I have a working car. My dad is a expert vw mechanic and is a all around mechanic too, but vw is his expertise. He owns an Auto body shop that can repair anything from engine,turbo,body parts,ect. I have always loved cars and the modding scene but my dad wanted to keep me away from it because of the illegal stuff that comes with fast cars,I don't blame him but He couldn't stop me lol. Now with my car I want to push it to it limits not too crazy though but just right. I have kind of a lot of money because from age 10 to 15 I saved up for a Nissan Skyline but after going to the skyline forum I was told by literally every person on it I should put my money into my GTI because it will drain my money quicker than just burning it, so I am. I have around 15 bags to spend (USD) and since i'm still pretty young I haven't been to many car meets (around 2) So I don't know what to do to my car and what my car can handle. I am also not in America at the moment I am in Amman, Jordan but will be back for good this June around June, 17 to be exact. I'm in Jordan for a lot of reasons like bad grades,a lot of court cases,smoking too much weed,*ing with people and cops,and a lot of other pretty bad * I don't want to get into. I have talked to a few people on this forum and have learned a lot but still need some help on exact parts and sizes to things. On to questions(y)
My goal WHP for my car is 300-350w,
From the people I have talked to on this forum and from the posts I have created I know that the most common bigger turbo upgrade GTI's are K04 turbos I have seen the APR K04-64 on goapr.com.
I know it will need a chip tune to get the most power out of it and other stuff like down pipe,bigger fuel injectors,and a cold air intake, but I don't know what size fuel injectors to get or what brand air intake and what down pipe would fit.
Iv'e always seen Garrett turbos and like the look of them but I don't know if they fit my car.
when I go to Garrett's website and do the boost advisory they never have a turbo for the car not only my GTI iv'e tried on other cars too like skylines,supras,rx7 and 8,E36,and m5 it always says no match for that vehicle.
I want to also change the position of the turbo, I like cars that you can see the turbo when looking at the engine bay, I feel it looks more scary, I have seen a MK4 with a huge 80mm turbo right in the engine bay(it was a drag car btw) and if i can do that to my car that would be awesome.
last thing is when I was watching YouTube I came across legitstreetcars where he supercharged his wife's car and he thought he had to get colder spark plugs so the engine won't combust so will I need colder spark plugs?
Iv'e been told I need a upgrade my clutch but I have no clue what that means, what do I need? iv'e seen clutch kits but I cannot find a clutch kit for the GTI, and iv'e searched a lot on different websites.
I know I will need to do internal engine upgrades to handle the extra pressure, but I don't know what I should do to it and what part of the engine to upgrade
Iv'e heard about bullet proofing an engine but I don't know if I should bullet proof my engine and really what parts I need to do that.
I want to get a intercooler but I don't know what brand or size that will fit the GTI,
I know there are probably other thing to do to the engine but from everything I have mentioned I don't know any other mods or upgrades to do
Anything else I need please let me know
Again from people I have talked to i'm going to go with bags/air suspension, I don't know what brand to choose or what size air tank to get.
I also don't know what controller to get or if I need a air compressor for them. I heard they are good but I don't know how long they will last
I like the deep dish look and would like a really deep rim if that is the correct wording, I just don't know what offset to go with or what width to go with
I am getting a wide body kit that adds 40mm of width to the front and rear so I don't know what width or diameter to go for with the body kit.
I want to have camber not crazy, but a nice bend to the wheel but I don't know what is a safe amount of camber if the build I am going for is speed.
I know I will need camber bars or whatever there called but are they all universal?
I am going to do interior mods like bucket seats,harness,steering wheel,ect.
I am going to install a quick release steering wheel "most likely NRG" but I don't know what short hub fits my car.
I want to get the NRG quick release 2.0, I just don't know if that's a good model of quick release.
Thanks for reading
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