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turbo help?

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im trying to research turbo kits for a 92 gti 2.0L 16v. i am coming up at dead ends. can someone shed some light on where i can read about them and find out exact numbers for cost wise. i am very very confused on what i need to do this. also do you guys think that it will be ok to turbo my car with 100k miles on it??
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Re: turbo help? (surfcity21)

AT 100k you should od a compression test. You propably aren't far away from ring-job, so why not jsut get some forged pistons now, you will save $$$ in the long run. You don't have to go to JE either. Jsut find the specs you want, adn go to a local machine shop. My buddie shave em in 2.9t running alof of boost and are very happy.
http://www.vwturbo.com can get you all the parts you will need. Engine management will be an issue, so look into http://www.sdsefi.com for the mecca of tuning a motor. Once you get the physicalities pieced together, you can litterally slop it together and have SDS clean it up.
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