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Okay, i am installing a T3 turbo W/ FMIC. I am confident about all of the mechanical parts, and its all bolted in. What is f-ing me up is the vacum and oil part.
here it goes, please tell me if this is correct.
bridge the two nipples on the wastegate and connect them to the brass fitting on the side of the turbo.
tee into the oil feed line to run to the oil pressure gauge
remove the stock out fpr hose and connect to the vortec fpr (out port)
run a new hose from out port on stock fpr to in port on new fpr
tap into the vacum line off of the stock fpr and run it to the new fpr
off of the same vacum line, send a 1/4" line to the bov, and to the boost gauge.
Please tell me if this is correct, so many people say different things.
I want to be ready for Dub and Grub so any help is appriciated.

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Re: Turbo Help (vtecths)

Leave top port on wastegate open, other one attach to any good vacuum signal, side of turbo will work.
You can T the oil feed line for a pressure gauge.
Any good vacuum signal for FPR and Blowoff.
T off stock FPR line for boost gauge.
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