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Turbo intlet pipe

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Do these things really work the Turbo intlet pipe, I have seen Neuspeed and Abd racings versions, which is better and what should I expect for hp gain??? plus they wont hurt anything ???
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Re: Turbo intlet pipe (Bozzza)

Which engine do you have?
AWW = not much to no diff
AWD = brings the AWD up to AWW specs, which does make a diff.
I believe that both models your looking at are similar to the same.
Re: Turbo intlet pipe (DaBlackJetta)

I have a 2001 gti. 150 hp, Im not sure what Aww or Awd is, is it all wheel drive you mean, this may sound dumb I apologize.
Re: Turbo intlet pipe (Bozzza)

AWW and AWD are engine codes... if you're not sure (which you don't seem) you can find out either by checking the sticker in your trunk by the spare tire, or it's also engraved on the engine ... I can't describe where to look, but it's towards the rightside of the engine (that's the left to you when you're peering under the hood) just under the plastic engine cover.... ? Hope that helped. It may or may not be printed on the sticker on the inside of the drivers side door, too....
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