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Turbo or supercharger??!!

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Have a 2000 VR6 and am leaning toward a turbo. I hear that there is less stress on the engine and that you can produce more power from it. Anyone have any other helpful advice that they could lend?? Who makes a turbo kit? Help!!!
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Re: Turbo or supercharger??!! (badboyripper)

I also have a 2000 VR6. So far the only kits I know of that are out for the VR6 are: Matrix Engineering, ATP, HPA, and EIP. Superchargers right now just have Z-Engineering. As far as which is better, there is no clear answer. They both have the potential to make lots of power, but with a turbo there is less involved to crank up the boost. When installed and engineered correctly, they are both reliable, though a supercharger kit is more likely to be less complex than the turbokit, as less plumbing is required. For me, I'm going turbo, ATP style!
Re: Turbo or supercharger??!! (GTIRacerGuy)

Does anyone know the website to any of these companies?
Re: Turbo or supercharger??!! (badboyripper)


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