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Turbo Questions...

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What is the hp output range of:
Please list other turbos in the Garret "T" category with trim, housing, A/R, etc...sizes and hp output. Thanks to anyone who knows.
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Re: Turbo Questions... (A2 VW)

Depends on the trim and AR.
T4 has like 5 trim levels or so .48 .50 .54 .57 and .60 I think each has a different compressor map which allows you to have more power at different RPMS
Re: Turbo Questions... (Bug_Power)

for some reason I kinda feel like I already read this twice, deja vu or something

Usually I go to google and type in the exact model that I want to know about. Sometimes even model numbers work.
There was a post on here a day or two ago that gave a link to the compressor maps.
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Re: Turbo Questions... (88Jetta)

I know why it felt like deja vu..... look halfway down the page
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