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Turbo Questions...

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What is the hp output range of:
Please list other turbos in the Garret "T" category with trim, housing, A/R, etc...sizes and hp output. Thanks to anyone who knows.
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Re: Turbo Questions... (A2 VW)

If you goto http://www.turboneticsinc.com you will see a picture on the side saying flow maps now on line. They list all the variations of the trim you have asked for here...
If you look at these flow maps you will see, that the vertical axis is lable something like pressure ratio, add how much boost you want to run to 14.7 and divide by 14.7.
So 14.7 psi of boost would be 29.4 / 14.7 = 2
This gives your Horizontally going line on the map.
NOW Horse power is VERY roughly 10x the Lb/S per hour rating on the bottom of the flow maps, so 35Lb/s = enougth air for 350 Hp roughly..
Now draw a lione up from the Lbs/Hr and see where it crosses your pressure ratio.
This is basically the compressors maximium output of Air at the pressure you want, To size a turbo is alot more complex than this, but this will give you a good indication of a turbo that will provide what HP, you dont really want to choose a turbo with an efficency lower than say 60%....
hope this helps a bit..
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