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Turbo Questions...

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What is the hp output range of:
Please list other turbos in the Garret "T" category with trim, housing, A/R, etc...sizes and hp output. Thanks to anyone who knows.
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Re: Turbo Questions... (A2 VW)

Thats too vague of a question, imo. Call up turbonetics, they are pretty friendly, or some place like vargas turbo, to discuss your "application". Too many factors in turbo trims to say a t3/t4 is good for XX hp, im afraid to say.
We can always guess. From the looks of dyno's around here and there.
t3-super-60 in .72/.36AR ~~200hp
t3-super-60 in .72/.48AR ~~220-230hp
t3/t4 (in some trim) ~~240-250hp
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