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Turboing a 2.0 16v What do I need?

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OK well I am still confused whether what to do, I want more power and I was thinking about either putting the usual stuff, chip, exhaust, intake, cams, 1.8L head, or just saving all that money and slapping a turbo. Does anyone know what are the benefits of it? What power could it produce with low (safe) boost? How much is it going to cost me? How safe is it on a 90k motor? Your input is appreciated.
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Re: Turboing a 2.0 16v What do I need? (2035cc16v)

so it went down to see the performance gains right? Have you guys thought about modifying the actual seach?
there are a lot of people onthis forum who are computer nerds, and i am sure we can figure out a better way to search. the existing one is not only un-intuative, but yeilds inaccurate results (when you can get it to work).
i tried searching for
"breaking in motors" - nothing
"breaking AND in AND motors" - nothing
"breaking" - nothing
i JUST posted a topic called " breaking in a fresh rebuild?"
search recent topic - nothing
search archived topics - nothing
all of this is done with the 16v formum selected
all of this is also done with creator left blank.
am i doing something wrong, or are we dealing with a crytic search engine?
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