Those of us who live in colder climes know well that starting the car from the house is one of technology’s great modern victories, but what about the other way round?

With the help of Deutsche Telekom, and through the use of the Car-Net App Connect, Volkswagen drivers will soon be able to control their house’s functions from the car.

Coming home early? Turn on the air conditioning early, so that the temperature is as roomy as possible when you get in. Afraid of the dark? Turn on the lights in the front hall before even leaving the car.

The system works in conjunction with Magenta SmartHome technology and will be shown off at the IFA 2017 international consumer electronics exhibition. It isn’t some far flung future technology, though. Volkswagen drivers will be able to use it starting in September.

The home will be controlled through VW’s infotainment system and is currently only available for Android users.