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Turn on "TLC"

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There's a show on right now (and again at 1am EST.) on the planning, building, and collapse of the WTC.
Pretty sad...
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Re: Turn on "TLC" (SidRocco)

I was watching it too....I really learned alot....very sad
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Re: Turn on "TLC" (tngdesi)

Couldn't take my eyes off the TV set. Extremely sad...
TLC and Discovery... 2 best channels on TV.
Re: Turn on "TLC" (Ronin88)

Re: Turn on "TLC" (what)

wow... I love having the laptop w/dsl in the living room!
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Re: Turn on "TLC" (kevwithoutacorrado)

i've watched it several times. those buildings were marvels.
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