Looking for a little more up in your Up! GTI? German performance builder B&B Automobiltechnik has you covered.

It starts with a stage one tune that adds a B&B tune. That boosts the 136 hp Up! from 115 to 125 hp. Not massive numbers, but 26 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque (up to 177) is nothing to be ashamed of in a car this small. As the infomercials say, though, wait. There's more.

Stage two modifies the electronics even further. A revised intake, more boost, and more aggressive tuning add another 10 hp. Now up to 145. And 192 lb-ft of torque. That's 30 more horses and as much power from the 1.0L three-pot engine as the third-gen Golf GTi managed from its engine with double the displacement and an extra cylinder.

It lets the B&B Up! GTI run to 60 in under eight seconds. That's about a second quicker than stock. Plus it'll now run to 130 mph flat-out. Though we aren't sure if you'd want to.

Fortunately, B&B will also let you lower the car and add adjustable coilovers to help up the Up!'s game in the handling department too.