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a) It's common for the mounts to be sloppy at that age/mileage, but I wouldn't call it "normal". Also, I would usually describe bad mounts as more of a "thump" than a "clunk", that you feel as much, or more, as hear. A "clunk" or "clack" is probably something else causing play or backlash in the driveline. Either way, I'd want it fixed, so my advice would be to have it inspected by a competent mechanic before putting down any deposit.

b) A vacuum leak would usually make it idle like crap, but drive OK, so I suspect it's probably something else. The current owner probably either i) doesn't know what it is and doesn't care, or ii) knows but doesn't want to tell you. Either way, alarm bells should be ringing, but you never know, it could be something simple, so again, my advice is to have it looked at by a competent mechanic you trust before parting with any cash.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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