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I picked up two wrecked 20vt cars for
parts. I’ll list the specs below.

1. 1993 Audi urs4
152,000 miles
Pearl white
Healthy AAN engine
Nice black leather interior
Locking rear diff
Rear ended

2. 1991 Audi 200 20v sedan
161,000 miles
Pearl white
Healthy 3b engine
Also has a nice black interior
Good 016 with locking diff
Good locking rear diff
Nice body panels
Rear ended so no trunk or rear bumper
Have a trunk, bumper and lighting from
previous car.

I’ll start with a bulk list of big items
I currently have:

1. Complete AAN engine—$2,000 shipped

2. Complete 3B engine—$2,500 shipped

3. urs4 fender set—$600 shipped
urs6 set—$600 shipped
200 20v set—$600 shipped

4. urS non wide 1st 5 speed 01E—$600 shipped
200 20v 016 5 speed— $600 shipped
Coupe Quattro 5 speed 01A—$450 shipped

5. 200 3b engine harness x2—$350 shipped per harness
urS AAN engine harness x2–$350 shipped per

6. 3B ecu’s x2–$350 shipped per ecu

7. Nice 200 20v cluster—$350 shipped
urS4 clusters x5–$250 shipped per
urs6 cluster—$350 shipped

8. Complete black interior swap from
a 91’ 200 20v sedan. Good shape—$2,500 shipped

9. Complete black urs4 interior swap.
Good condition as well. Wood grain
trim—$2,000 shipped

10. Nice 200 20v headlights—$350 shipped obo
Urs4 headlights—$350 shipped obo
urs6 headlights—$350 shipped obo
B3 Coupe headlight sets—$350 shipped obo

11. 200 20v taillight set—$350 shipped obo
urs4/urs6 taillight sets—$350 shipped obo
NA coupe Quattro taillight sets—$350 shipped obo

12. urs4 grills—$125 shipped
urs6 grills—$125 shipped
200 20v grills—$125 shipped
B4 coupe grill—$125 shipped

13. 200 20v front brakes—$250 shipped
urS front brakes—$250 shipped
Coupe quattro front brakes—$250 shipped

14. 200 20v rear brakes—$250 shipped
urS rear brakes—$250 shipped
Coupe Quattro rear brakes—$250 shipped

15. 200 20v front bumpers—$1,000 shipped obo
urs4 front bumpers—$1,250 shipped obo
urs6 front bumpers—$1,250 shipped obo

16. 200 20v brake bombs—$100 shipped
urS brake bombs—$100 shipped
Coupe Quattro brake bombs—$100 shipped

17. 200 20v PS high pressure hose sets—$250 shipped
urS PS high pressure hose sets—$250 shipped
Coupe Quattro high pressure hoses—$250 shipped

18. AAN/3B Factory MAF’s—$115 shipped
Coupe 7a mafs—$75 shipped

19. 200/coupe climate control heads—$125 shipped
urS/c4 climate control heads—$125 shipped

20. Factory gamma radios—$125 shipped

21. urS hub sets—$125 shipped
200 hub sets $100 shipped
Coupe Quattro $100 shipped all 4
B5 a4 Quattro rear set—$125 shipped

22. 200 factory intercooler setup—$350 shipped
urS Metal intercooler kit—$250 shipped

23. 200 20v basket weaves—$600 shipped
Good urS Fuchs with tires—$600 shipped
Good coupe speedlines with tires—$600 shipped
B5 s4 Avus with tires—$600 shipped
B8 s4 peelers with tires—$1,000 shipped

24. 200/urS gas tanks—$600 shipped

Lots and lots of stuff for sale. Feel free
to inquire or make offers on anything.
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