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Ugh -smallrant-

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Ok I just had my Jetta in for its 5k Mile service..
Couple things had happened that I wanted fixed and told the service guy this when I dropped it off this morning.
1. Re-aligh headlights (bought after-market bulbs)
2. My trunk broke, the actual bolt on the right hand side, last one.
It snapped off in there...i have the top of the bolt and told him I needed that fixed, but would understand if it didn't happen today.
that was at 8:00am
3:30pm I pick up my car,
they aligned the headlights, did the 5k service. oil, fluids, whatever else...
got the invoice they pulled the car around...(didn't read it was in hurry to pick someone up)
get home...invoice says trunk bolt broken - not warranty
Excuse me? Not warranty my foot... I have an 01...standard 2 year bumper to bumper warranty...i do believe the trunk is between the bumpers.
So tomorrow, I'm going down there, talking to a different service guy...or maybe the same one and explaining that they ARE going to fix it...or when that STUPID friggin survey crap comes...they are getting the crappiest rating I can give..and I will post what crappy service they give here on the vortex..as well as other car enthusiast websites.
Gonna bitch bout my 2nd gear grind too..
And I'm not gonna walk in there demanding anything...I will be very polite and respectful unless I get my way.
thanks for listening on the busiest shopping day of the year..
peace out
happy modding
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Re: Ugh -smallrant- (W0lfsburg4)

Be sure to warn them you've already posted your thoughts on VWVortex and they'd better fix the problem OR ELSE

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Re: Ugh -smallrant- (W0lfsburg4)

Gonna bitch bout my 2nd gear grind too..
Do you have it?
Re: Ugh -smallrant- (euro_vw)

Yea...and I know it wouldnt grind if I took one of their guys for a ride.
Happens when I'm just cruising mainly
Not even hard driving... http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
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Re: Ugh -smallrant- (W0lfsburg4)

2nd gear grind is poor design... not truly fixable I'm afraid... but go bitch for the record anyways... if something happens to your tranny down the road you will have a documented record of previous problems...
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Re: Ugh -smallrant- (W0lfsburg4)

Gee.... surprise... another satified customer...... They will probably say that it is not under warranty because it is a wear and tear item. Or they will tell you that your aftermarket air filter caused the bolt to brake because of increased airflow nder the car.... Can you tell I am a happy VW customer?
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