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Well Ive been detailing for about 3 years or so, here is what you need to do,Clay your car first of all, then get your self a buffer, a black pad (polishing pad) and buy some 3M spot finishing/or Finesse and buff those out, if that dosnt work, get a white foam buffing pad and hit it with some 3M rubbing coumpound (not heavy grit) then follow through with the blackpad and the spot finishing/ or 3m Finnese that will remove all the scratches and or any blemishing/flaws.... follow through with a "good" quality wax or sealent. If you dont have an eye or experience in the detailing world, take it somwhere. This will get you outstanding results.
Modified by 1.8t luv at 9:25 AM 11-8-2008

I think you need to detail for a few more years to get more experience with products/processes before you start suggesting things like you have explained. I won't go into detail about each thing.
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