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well i few days ago i was going down some dirt roads and i hit a big pot hole damn michigan. well after i hit it i got out to check what happened and it seamed to pull some plastic cover down and bend it down a bit? its right below the driverside of the engine bay. well i figured it was plastic and no problem. well i then took a sharp turn going slow and my gti made a lound noise from teh stering colom i was like wtf i did that a few times but seamed to of sopped. then now when i hit some bumpes in the road it feels and sounds like i just was let out of a tree and hit the ground like the gti comerical juat a real loud bang any one have any ides what i could of mesed up or any thing? i have stock 15" rims and the stock tires on teh gti so thier balloons any ideas? is that plastic peice impirtant?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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