Unitronic is pleased to announce its Turbocharger Upgrade Kit* for the 2.0 TSI® Gen3 MQB® engine. With countless hours of research and development completed utilizing industry-leading calibration tools and equipment, Unitronic has achieved the perfect balance of performance while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability; boasting a staggering output of 381 HP/377 LB-FT TQ.

Unitronic’s Turbo Upgrade Kit is a complete turn-key, bolt-on Stage 2+ Performance Package consisting of Unitronic’s Performance Software and Hardware components:
    • Unitronic Stage 2+ Performance Software
    • Genuine IHI Turbocharger
    • Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System
    • Unitronic Intercooler Upgrade
    • Unitronic 3” Stainless Steel Downpipe

All the components comprising Unitronic’s Stage 2+ package are designed to allow for maximum performance without sacrifice. Unitronic’s Carbon Fiber Intake System optimizes airflow into the genuine IHI turbocharger, while its Intercooler Upgrade allows for maintaining a cool, dense charge being ingested by the engine. Unitronic’s 3” T304 Stainless Steel Downpipe allows for maximum exhaust gas flow and features a 200-cell high flow metallic catalytic converter, stainless steel corrugated flex section, v-band connections and fits with either the OEM cat-back exhaust or can be combined with Unitronic’s 3” Cat-Back Exhaust System. All of Unitronic’s Performance Hardware products are designed using its in-house 3D scanner and modeling software to assure users a perfect and precise fitment.


As with all of its Performance Software, Unitronic is committed to delivering its Clients with the utmost reliability and drivability through any/all driving conditions its users may encounter. Utilizing its in-house Superflow Engine Dynamometer and environmentally controlled dyno cell, Unitronic performs a plethora of real-world driving simulations, including extreme hot and cold climates and high sustained speed/prolonged run stress testing to ensure safe operation in virtually all scenarios allowing for the ultimate Performance Software.


Price: $4299.99 USD

Unitronic’s Stage 2+ Turbo Upgrade Package is available for pre-order NOW. Contact your Authorized Unitronic Dealer today!


*Currently available for CNTA, CNTC, CHHA, and CHHB engine codes.