Late last month a few members of the online Cayman community 'Planet 9' caught a minor slip up by Porsche, confirming the existence of an upcoming model dubbed the 'GT4.'  Industry minds were quick to connect the dots, tracing the yet-to-be-confirmed model back to the tarted-up test car that had been spotted numerous times testing on both street and track in Germany.  Our friends from CarPix have spotted what we believe to be the upcoming Cayman GT4 again, this time wearing much less camouflage.


From the looks of it, the Cayman GT4 will be separated from lesser models by a revised front bumper, rear ducktail spoiler and adjustable wing, larger brakes and bigger wheels.  From what we've been hearing, the GT4 will also receive a seven speed PDK gearbox and horsepower upgrades as well, although we highly doubt that it will be more powerful than a 911.


Much like the 911 GT3, we expect the GT4 to be Porsche's most focused Cayman variant, a step above what the previous generation's Cayman R offered.  Sources are hinting that additional information about the Cayman GT4 will begin to surface during the next few months.

Check out additional spy photos below.