[Update: Volkswagen's charging network is back up to full operation after the high power charging cables were cleared for use by Huber+Sushner. The manufacturer says it has tested them extensively and found them safe for use as of Jan 29, 2019.]

Volkswagen’s Electrify America is partially shutting down its charging network as a result of an issue with liquid-cooled cables.

The cables are provided by Huber+Sushner and only operate on high-power chargers (150kW-350kW).

The recommendation to stop the chargers came from Huber+Sushner and appears to follow a short circuit in Germany. The short circuit occurred in the plug and nobody was injured in the incident, according to a release put out by the company.

“The safety of our customers is our highest priority,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president, and CEO of Electrify America, in a statement. “Out of an abundance of caution, Electrify America is shutting down all of our stations that use the HUBER+SUHNER high-powered cables until we can confirm that they can be operated safely. We are confident that HUBER+SUHNER will investigate and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

Huber+Sushner reports that the cable that short-circuited in Germany was a first-generation prototype set up in the summer of 2017 and that more recent versions have changed to include more sealing, among other things.

The non-conductive coolant has been ruled out as the cause of the short.

Huber+Sushner recommends that the suspension of all high-power chargers continue until tests a battery of tests has been carried out.