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Re: Update on charging issue.....or lack thereof. (200HP4dr)

The lower bolt is a 6mm hex...maybe 8. I'm pretty sure it's 6 though; I'm always grabbing for that one it seems.
I'm not sure it's the alt. There are lotsa ways you can drain...you sayin' it was draining from driving? How much driving had you done between 13 and 10 volts? A fully charged battery can get about 60 miles without an alt if you're running only the bare necessities. At that point you're looking at just over 9 volts once the car stops running.

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Re: Update on charging issue.....or lack thereof. (PAGTI91)

Hate to rain on ya, but I just read this while looking at some stuff....
bought the BOSCH rebuild alt form my local dealer, after I installed it
in my car I thought everything will be fine, but after few days my car
battery sign lited up, after that I took my car to have the charge system
checked and the result was my alt not putting enough charge to the
battery. I checked the voltage when the car at idle and everythings off, it
was barely 13.0v, if the everythings ON and in stop'n'go traffic it only
about 10.7. After a week I took my car to my another mechanic to check
the alt, they pulled out the alt and sent to a alt shop to test it, the
result is the alt not putting out enough amp. At the same day I took
that alt to change it form dealer. This time was my mechanic put it on,
it coasted me $90 labour!, after installed it the output increase but
still can not hold the battery charge, it about 12.0v-11.8v on loaded, when
encounter the stop'n'go traffic. The only thing I can do is no stereo, no A/C
or sometims even turn the hedalights off, because I don't want my battery goes
down to 10-11v while I'm driving. Well, I'm now leave this problem alone
because I really don't know how to deal with it. May be the $350 one is
the real thing huh !"
Sounded similar to your problem, but no fix posted
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