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power upgrades for Touareg

has anyone seen any development of upgrades for this powerplant in other platforms besides the Golf R32?.....
Turbo Stage 1 425hp
Stage 2 550 hp

Supercharged Stage 1 320 hp.
.... stage 2 350 hp

seeing as how this powerplant is in a lot of different vehicles it would be very easy to make a sleeper with good driveablity.....
just looking at the basic performance improvements (50% horsepower increase) would definitely put my touareg up in the V8 performance category. If someone put some serious money into it the sky would be the limit....... I have seen some movement towards SC kits for the V8 Touareg as there are already some kits for the Audi platforms. Part of this logic is based upon the fact that VW will be offering (at least a limited amount) the V10 TDI for the touareg late 2004/2005 model year. What bites is the amount of money you have to put down to get the 455 ft/lb of torque monster.... right now base price is going to be close to $60,000
.......... I have a V6 now and I paid a little more than half of that amount $36,000...... with a TC or SC kit you would get the power benefits of the larger engine (not the fuel efficiency of the Diesel) but with out the great increase in engine bay weight..... V10 puts a lot more weight in the front....
any thoughts

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