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I got a Neuspeed upper strut bar from my brother. He said I should drill holes in the upper sheet metal tub frame (near the strut mounts) and then tap them so that the bolts screw right into the tub. Is this a good idea? I was thinking one would need to put some sort of strap on the underside of the tub to securely hold the bar in place How much stress is on this bar? I am a little reluctant to drill any extra holes in the tubs!!

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Re: Upper strut bar mounting (Bobful)

here you go...
step one.
throw away nutserts.
step two.
buy grade 10.8 or anything close bolts and nuts.
step three.
drill into strut tower as straight and vertical as you possibly can
step four.
it sucks to try to tighten nuts up in the strut tower... so have fun
step five.
goto your nearest parking lot for some plowing fun.
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