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upper timing chain guide rail replacement?

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I would like your help on a question that came up...I'm replacing the upper timing chain guide rail and tension bolt. The guide rail was fractured in several places and the tension bolt was not fully extended,but the upper tension rail looked good...so here is the question...when sealing the upper timing cover to the head gasket not a problem...but what about where the head gasket is loose to the lower timing cover, should I bend it up to get sealant underneath or just torx it back down dry?
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just apply the sealant on the timing chain cover, where it meets the side of the head, leave the head gasket area alone, no need to apply sealant there, I just finished a job on my car, I did the same, no leaks, thats why the head gasket is there.
:cool:Thanks for the responce, that sounds good...I,ll be putting it together in the morning....I miss my vr6
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