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UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it

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Ok, time to get Upsoluted. This will be in Tulsa, OK. I talked to Jason Upchurch, Dallas rep. We need 10 people in total and already have 2. Final cost will be $350 and this includes installation and there is no tax. You can pull the ECU yourself and save $25, however he suggests letting him pull it for time/experience reasons, unless you're fast. UPDATE: He said he'll drop the $25 install fee if we get enough people. $325 if so.
This group buy applies to any engine. (1.8T. VR6, TDI...etc.) Upsolute isn't offering discounts in pricing anymore. But the advantage is location. Jason will drive up from Dallas on a Saturday. So this means if Tulsa is closer than your nearest rep, you'll save money. Plus it's just a good excuse to get chipped.
We need to pick a date for the install. I'd like to shoot for as soon as possible. This will depend on getting the 10 people, plus your input. So if a certain weekend will not work for you, let me know. Basically as soon as we can.
What do you need to do to do? Call Jason Upchurch at (817) 501-2635. You'll need $50 to reserve your spot via cash, cashiers check, money order, or MC/Visa.
Have specific chip questions? http://www.upsolute.com or contact Jason at the number above, or email at [email protected] Have general questions about the group buy? Ask here or email me at [email protected]
What kind of gains will you see? 192hp, 230 ft lbs torque for AWD 1.8T. The AWW-AWP 1.8T sees ~10-15hp more than that and ~10 or so more torque. Best VR6 info is here... http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=119262
Not sure about other engines, but we can find out.
My pitch...I've been looking into getting a chip for over a year. I'm skeptical. I don't buy into anything right away. I kept readin vortex posts and my final conclusion is that I want one, and feel fine about it. About reliability issues, my take is that if VW decided it was ok to bump the 2002 1.8Ts up 30hp with just basically electronics and warantee that for 100k mi, it should be safe to up it to 192hp(in my case). I've also read a ton of posts where people have chips, and a LOT of miles without problems. I like Upsolute for a few reasons. First obviously is price, look around and you can't beat it. Second, a lot of people on vortex seem happy with it. Third, customer service seems great. I'm confident if I did have a problem, their best effort would be made to make me happy. Look around here, Up guys are posting all the time helping out with issues. If nothing else, if you don't like it after a test drive, don't buy it.
Enough already, hook it up!

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Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (Redline18T)

quote:[HR][/HR]Not sure about other engines, but we can find out.[HR][/HR]​
Check my signature for Upsolute in a TDI

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Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (speedrcr)

THanks for the info speedrcr. I know Upsolute has done a lot of chipping for the TDIs. Going up! DING!
Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (Redline18T)

Nice. upsolute used to charge $300 for chipping. then they raised it to $325. Now they charge $25 to pull the friggin ecu? Upsolute sure is smart. come in, steal the chipping business away from Wetterauer with cheap prices, and then slowly increase them so nobody notices! Upsolute does good work, but geez.. the price sure did go up. whats next? a $50 upcharge if the job's dont correctly the first time?
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Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (car54)

hey Matt, i nkow your are still mad at me for that bad chip job i did on your TDI.... oh wait, i forgot... you don't have a TDI

we started with TDI's and yes the price was $300 as we where new and trying to get a foot in the door and we really didn't need to charge that much more. we now have our foot in the door and we still do not need to bring our prices up to what other tuners charge. before when we where at $300 we charged $25 for return shipping so the cost was still $325 even back then. we now charge $25 for installation. show me a company that does not raise prices in time (save Walmart of course). and even at the price are chips are at now, we are a far cry from what other tuners charge. when i first chipped my car with another tuner i paid $575 which was $125 off. you do the math and then get back to me

and lastly, why do i feel i must explain myself to someone that doesn't even drive a car that can be chipped and also thinks there is no difference in fuel quality or additives. oh, i forgot you used to work at a VW shop
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difference between Upsolute and a Tuning Box?
(besides the physical differences)

UPsolute has both a chip and a tuning box and they can be used seperate or together. i have both on my car and will be upgrading soon to .205 injectors so will be interesting to see the difference between a tuning box and injectors.
the chip has full engine managment (with boost) while the tuning box only manages the injector pump (no boost managment)
Re: UPSOLUTE (garrettp)

If you're going to do both chip & T-box on your TDI, start a savings account for a VR6 clutch upgrade. The stock clutch doesn't take kindly to the kind of power you'll be giving it. OTOH, it's a whole bunch of fun if you have both!

dork at stop light: "Hah...that's just a stinking diesel...what can they do, they're slow. I'll show him who's boss."
dork after light goes green & is left in a cloud of soot, and vagely seeing tail lights of TDI several car lengths ahead: "That was a diesel? cough, cough...wow! I guess I showed him!"
hee, hee...
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i agree that a clutch upgrade would be in order somewhere down the line, but.... i have 105,000 miles on the original clutch with a chip @17,000 miles and Tuning Box around 16,000 miles and my clutch is holding out just fine. some days it slips a bit but very little but most of the time it is still strong [garrettp knocks on fake wood desk] http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: UPSOLUTE (garrettp)

You're right, Garrett. The biggest factor in clutch slipping or not, is the nut behind the wheel. Driving style makes all the difference as to how quickly the clutch will start slipping...but it will quite likely do so much earlier than if the car stays totally stock.
Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (speedrcr)

how much boost are you running now?
start and peak?
Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (soot)

Well, mine's running scary high right now...not sure what the problem is. We suspect the MAP sensor, but will find out on the weekend at a GTG.
It should be running (assuming a chipped TDI) about 21-22lbs max peak, and settle down quicly to about 16-17lbs.
Re: UPSOLUTE Group Buy, Just get it (DZLguy)

Still looking for a few more. We have 3 for sure. He wants 5 to come to Tulsa. And 5 will waive the install fee.
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