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URGENT HELP!!! Re: Bosch diverter valve part #'s...anyone?

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Hey guys,
I need to double check to make ABSOLUTELY sure the part number I have jives!
I had found an A4 1.8T owner's website who had given the part number (Porsche and Bosch) for the "upgraded" high pressure diverter valves...
Porsche #
Bosch #
0 280 142 108
There are also earlier numbers (ending in 102, 103, 104) which will not handle high boost pressures as well. I just need to know if the 108 valve has the same construction (vacuum nipple on the top, and two 1" connections).
Is this the correct part number from Bosch? I need to make sure because my g/f is going down to the local Porsche dealer for me to pick one up. Please IM or leave a post and let me know ASAP! Thank you!
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