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urgent oil light question

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I have an audi 80 4 cylinder. I was leaking alittle oil from the vc gasket so i replaced it and had a mechanic replace two oil pressure sender things. The oil light still comes on around turns or when i shift fast so the car is rockin. as long as the car's suspension is shifting and the rpm's are not at idle, the light will flash. Does this mean my engine is messed up and the oil is sloshing around too much or could it be another sensor or something that is bad?

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Assuming your are not low on oil...

First, make sure you aree not low on oil, if not, could it be the wrong weight oil? If it is too thin, it would slosh more. If both of the above are OK, then start looking for things like sensors that are bad. How much oil pressure are you getting?
Re: Assuming your are not low on oil... (duandcc)

My oil level is good, both sensors have been replaced, and I had the oil pressure tested and it was average. The weight of the oil has been thin due to the cold weather. Should I go with a thicker oil even though I am a New Yorker and it is chilly outside? Could something be wrong with the baffle in my oilpan?

Re: Assuming your are not low on oil... (ltnflvr)

10w40 should be just fine. Maybe 10w30 if is says around or below freezing all the time. Did the lights come on before the sensor were changed?
Re: Assuming your are not low on oil... (blkaudicq)

yah the light has been flashing for a while on turns when oil has been high.

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