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urQuattro picture thread...

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So yes, I'll post more Quattro porn....why not?

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Here is my friend Mixtery's '83 with my 1974 100 Coupe' S @ this year's Hemmings Sports & Exotic show. We took first and second in our class.

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That car is missing its rear bumper and surround! :laugh:

Bernie, is that you?

Not sure who Bernie is ... but it's Bob in the Pacific North West :wave:

Possibly the previous owner? But I've had this Ur since 1998.

Bernie still has his , 83 with 8 inch Ronals.
Lives in Washington.
You in the states, or Canada?

I've not seen your car before apparently! :wave:
Looks great!
Just up in White Rock, BC area ... about 10 min from the Peace Arch Border crossing into Blaine, Wa. When I have the chance, I try and make it out to the meets on either side.

Just finished up detailing the interior ... doing the engine bay this week ... and hopefully have an exterior polish this upcoming weekend.

Then ... more pics for the application for collector plates :thumbup:
Attended local cars and coffee event this sunday.

What color is this?
Looks like Stone Gray. LY7U :thumbup::thumbup:
Anyone on here know of any clean Quattro Coupe for sale?
Interested in a small project and this has been on the top of the list for some time.
Please let me know. Thanks.
101 - 120 of 120 Posts
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