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I cleaned up my garage and went through some remaining parts for my now sold 1997 S6 and 1990 90q.

Some parts are brand new, still in boxes and some are no longer available, such as the dual mass flywheel and MAF.

Pictures are available upon request.

All parts are located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, pricing is in US funds.

Local pick-up is preferred, but will ship at buyer's expense.

NLA - no longer available
NIB - New in Box
NOS - New Old Stock

Bentley repair manual 100, A6, S4, S6, C4 1992-1997, 3 volumes, excellent condition $250 - SOLD
Bentley repair manual, 80, 90, coupe quattro, 1998-1992, average condition, edges are dirty, no rips, $100 - SOLD
Radio, Concert, NOS, NIB $75
Radio, Delta, NOS, NIB $75 - SOLD
Front Turn Signals, S6, good condition, pair $50 - SOLD
Rear turn signals, S6, good condition, pair $50
Front turn signals, 80/90, pair, $20
Headlight lenses, UrS6, euro, pair, good condition $80
Headlight lens, UrS6, euro for factory xenon, right, good condition $40
Shift knob, UrS4/6, 5 sp, black leather, good condition $50 - SOLD
Motor mounts, x2, UrS, Meyle made in Germany, NIB $50 - SOLD
Transmission Mounts, x2, for the UrS V8 with 6 speed, made in Italy, NOS, 4A0 399 151 L (gray). $60 - SOLD
Fuel line from fuel rail, return, UrS4, braided $25
MAF, UrS4/S6, used for 120,000 km, NLA $150
Spark plugs, Bosch F5DP0R, platinum, NIB x5 $125 - SOLD
Spark plug connector OEM x5 good condition $25
Spark plug connector aftermarket x5 NIB $50
Serpentine belt tensioner, 054 903 133A, 120,000 km $150 - SOLD
Serpentine belt tensioner, 054 903 133, new $250 identical to 133A
Brake pads for Big red, big black, 993tt, textar, incl vibration pads and wear sensors, NIB $100 - SOLD
Front grill for UrS6, chrome trim surround is painted black $20
Rear mud flaps, 100/S4/S6, NIB, NLA, NOS. european option $80 - SOLD
Flywheel, UrS, dual mass, 034-105-266-C, new, NOS, NLA $600.
Front shocks, UrS4/6, NIB, Sachs Advantage 115 476, closest to european sport spec, works well with stock springs or eurospec springs. x2, $100 - SOLD
Rear shocks, UrS4/S6, NIB, Sachs Advantage, 170 141, closest to european sport spec, works well with stock springs or eurospec springs. x2, $120 - SOLD
Rear shocks, 90q sport or coupe quattro, Sachs Advantage, 170 140, 32-301F, used for <1000 km, 2 for $50
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