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us specs Vs Euro specs

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I own a 2001 gti 1.8 t and I want to ship it to europe when I 'm done here in the US...do you you what should I do in order to change my car to the Euro specs? I guess I have to put a rear fog light, a new light switcher...I heard something about the seat belt and the windshield...the good thing is my car is made in Germany but still it's made for the us market...
thanks for your help...
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Re: us specs Vs Euro specs (GTI PILOT)

Actually I think the Golf/GTIs are made in Brazil... aren't they?
Re: us specs Vs Euro specs (GTI PILOT)

You may have to either paint both sides of the amber reflectors (on the bumper) black, or replace your bumper cover with one from Europe that has no reflectors in it.
You will also have to replace any exterior lights that don't have the (E) on them (headlights (may as well get HID's), and possibly taillights).
You will also need to replace the instrument cluster with a metric one.
I think that's about it.
Re: us specs Vs Euro specs (GOL)

Some came from Germany, some from Brazil.
Yes, a rear fog light is a must. Don't know if the US headlights need to be changed, but you might want to. You'll need to mount the smaller version of the euro plate in the rear. The windshield should be fine. In general the US cars meet more strict safety requirements than the euro cars.
I think the biggest difference is in the OBD-II systems mandated on US cars. These are not required on euro cars, and, at least with previous VWs, the euro cars had entirely different engine computers. I would seriously look into buying a VAG-COM tool to bring with you as the techs in Germany may not be familiar with all the engine codes and fault codes a US car can throw.
You might consider buying one of the new TDIs in Germany. I rented a Golf TDI with 130hp and a 6 speed. It didn't rev like our chipped 1.8T, but it had lots of low end torque and around town it was great. Really nice car. And gas is really expensive in Europe... just something to consider. As much as I like my VR6 and 1.8T, if I lived in Europe, I'd consider buying one of the more powerful TDIs instead.
98 GTI (VR6)
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Re: us specs Vs Euro specs (GTI PILOT)

You might want to check the regs for the country your taking the car to. For example, in the UK you'ld have to change the indicators/parking lights, as here it's illegal to show a steady amber light to the front IIRC (our indicators go off-on-off-on versus on-off-on-off), in theory all the lights would have to be 'e'-coded, as would prbly a lot of other parts. Side markers are OK (amber front, red rear) as Volvo's etc. come with them as standard, rear off-side (driver's side) fog light is compulsory all over Europe, tyres would need to be 'e'-coded - as you can see, lots of things - most are Europe-wide, some are country specific.
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