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US Weitec GT Suspension Kit on 2001 Euro/UK Spec GTI?

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Hey Guys,
I have a 2001 right hand drive Euro/UK spec 4 door Golf GTI 1.8 turbo, and I was wondering if anybody could advise me if the US kits sold at Rapid Parts would be ok for my car. I called them a couple of days ago and they advised me that they would fit, but would not recommend them, as the weight between the US model and Euro/UK models are different, and the springs are set up for US spec models. I'm not so sure I quite buy this, as I don't think there could be that much of a difference between the two. Anyways, I would appreciate any expert advice you guys have to offer. By the way, is this kit any good? The price seems good and the drop is perfect for me and my road conditions. If anybody can comment I would also appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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