Join me to take an exclusive look at one of the very first Spektrum Color 2019 VW Golf R cars to reach the United States. This first batch of cars to reach our soil from the streets of Wolfsburg, Germany include the Jazz Blue photographed here, along with Violet Touch Pearl, Racing Green, Prussian Blue Metallic, and several Ginster Yellow models, out of the 40 total colors that are available. 

My fellow enthusiasts may remember Ginster Yellow from the 3 rd  Generation GTI VR6 cars, and Jazz Blue from the 20 th  Anniversary Mk4 GTIs, but I initially tried to track down the Violet Touch Pearl car at the Volkswagen port – a color I've long been in lust with (check out this article from 2016 when I stumbled across a special edition car in the Middle East) . It turned out that car was literally being loaded onto a truck to head to a special event in the Mid-West, so I instead turned my attention to this lovely Jazz Blue Golf R. It should be noted that this car is still sporting its delivery ride height and stickers, which will be removed at a dealership later. That's how fresh off the boat this is!

Jazz Blue has been offered on some rather exclusive cars in the United States in the past; the 1998 Mk3 GTI 'Drivers Edition' of which the rumors usually state a couple of hundred were produced, and later in the Mk4 20 th  Anniversary of which only 4,000 cars were produced in all three colors, with the blue hue accounting for around 25% of them. So this Golf R stands in pretty good historical company, but it could go on to be even rarer, given that there are 39 other colors available to choose from in a potentially limited production run.

The VW Spektrum Program allows for the paint color to be chosen from 40 in total, ranging from the extreme brights of TNT Orange and Viper Green, to the more understated colors such as the Bordeaux Red Pearls and Graphite Metallics of the spectrum. The Golf R is the only USA model that is included in the program, and we're not currently hearing any rumors of other models bring added, so with only the 2019 models confirmed this means that we're possibly seeing some of the very rarest Golf color combinations ever offered in the United States.


I'm going to make a guess, that you can take or leave, that we might end up being able to count some of the less common colors that will be produced on the hands of only one person – with no toes needed for counting higher. While there have always been some rare and funky colors, many of which are remembered only in the minds of enthusiasts (cough *nerds* <3 ), such as the 1996 only LG4R Soft Violet which mainly seemed to be on normal specification Jettas, to pick only one, I offer my opinion that the Mk7.5 Golf R Spektrum Color cars might just be viewed in the future as an extremely rare and likely desirable beast. I will also make the, perhaps educated, guess that at some point, it will be possible to work out just how many of each were made when we're nerding out and looking back in the history books. I certainly look forward to spotting them out in the wild!

Feel free to drop into the comments below, or over on Instagram and let me know which of the 40 colors you can see driving around or at your local Cars and Coffee, and maybe even which one you end up with on your driveway.

As a reminder of previously reported news, the Spektrum colors will add $2,500.00 to the MSRP of a Golf R, and will, of course, come with the same factory warranty as any other new Volkswagen in the USA.

The colors available, in alphabetical order are:

91 Blue

Anthracite Metallic

Azure Blue Pearl

Bordeaux Red Pearl
Caribbean Green
Cliff Green

Copper Orange Metallic

Curry Yellow

Dark Burgundy Pearl

Dark Violet Pearl

Deep Blue Pearl

Dust Gray

Futura Yellow Metallic

Ginster Yellow

Graphite Metallic

Hot Chili Pearl

Ice Blue

Inky Blue Pearl

Irish Green

Jazz Blue Pearl

Magma Orange

Mars Red

Mocha Anthracite Metallic

Moss Green

Mystic Blue Pearl

Nogaro Blue Pearl

Oxide Red

Prussian Blue Metallic

Racing Green

Raspberry Red

Reseda Green

Sarantos Turquoise

Slate Gray

Squirrel Gray

Star Blue

Techno Blue Pearl

TNT Orange

Traffic Purple

Violet Touch Pearl

Viper Green Metallic

You can see the colors rendered on cars in our previous story here.