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After reading the 14k mile trip thread and thoroughly enjoying it, I've got a couple things to say.

1. Your writing style, correct grammar and punctuation, and ability to keep the story flowing is very refreshing. Most might just skim through the paragraphs, but there are some of us that do take the time to read what you write. Thank you sir :beer:

2. After a couple years since your last trip and with many rest area nights under your belt, how do you feel about safety with each sleep stop? I'd imagine feeling comfortable and safe before you go to sleep makes the nights easier, did the car arrangements not work out any of the nights? Your sleeping setup in the first thread was so impressive that I went out and laid my Golfs rear seats down and checked to see how I fit with my dog too. Not bad!

3. Do you have CC in your Jetta? If so, are you pretty much using it all the time while on the freeway? I noticed 80mph, about your average cruising speed? :laugh:

4. Good concept with putting the photos from the passenger perspective. Any chance we can see a map with the route planned?

Hopefully this gives some inspiration to go on a road trip of their own, I know your 09 trip sparked my interest. Anticipating the rest :thumbup:
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