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Hahaha that was you? Black GLX with Jersey plates? The date was Sunday July 3rd. I would have liked to cruise but why the heck were you going so slow? Your car is incredibly loud, I could hear it coming a mile away every time I stopped to take a leak. I took 2 pee brakes and still was ahead of you. :laugh: Took a picture of your car rolling, I'll post it up at the end of the thread. :thumbup:
yep that was this guy i was goin pretty slow my cluster wasnt workin at the time and i was extreamly hung over from the night before and i have no a/c so that just made the hangover worse. as for the loudness of my car my exhaust stops just past the back of my seat. got no money for a full exhaust yet, saving money for when i move back to NJ from NC. I do remember passin you when you pulled off to drain it and then a couple mins later there you were again. after you passed me my girl was like "look babe a car just like yours only it doesnt look as sh1ty" i had to laugh pretty hard at that altho you do have a nice car its pretty clean. looking foward to seeing a picture of this piece rollin on the highway. :thumbup:
41 - 60 of 186 Posts
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