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Used Eurovan Pricing, audio

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Dear Listers-
A buddy of mine is moving back to Europe and wants to sell his 2000 Eurovan (12v engine). It's an MV model has dual A/C, premium sound w/ cassette (no CD),stock alloys, 16K miles, bought 8/01. He's asking $20-21k, is this a reasonable deal? Edmunds and Kelly blue book would suggest this is a fair price for the vehicle. I have limited experience with these newer engines, as I have an older 8v GTI. Is there anything I have to be careful about with these models?
BTW If I get it, does anyone have the in dash cd player that matches that they want to get rid of? Also is it possible to cleanly install a flip down rear TV on the roof in the back like I've seen posted in the newer vans?
Thanks for any advice
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