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Used RS prices debate at Scoobynet

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Anyone a registered user and wants to post a reply? TaviaRS?
Very interesting point about the relatively high prices at dealers, personally I've not seen an RS available from a private seller. Most unlike Impreza's which seem to change hands quite quickly.
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Re: Used RS prices debate at Scoobynet (Paul T)

Yeah, I've posted. Doubt I'd get over 10k for mine
because of the miles and the mods. I seem to post far too much on there!
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Re: Used RS prices debate at Scoobynet (TaviaRS)

I've posted there also, might get some reaction from the Impreza mob who suffer from falling prices, heavy fuel consumption and thieves making off with their performance cars that are no longer a secret.....unlike the RS! (only us Top Gear and the Police Traffic Officers seem to know so far)
Re: Used RS prices debate at Scoobynet (Paul T)

TaviaRS, how many miles has yours done? I paid £10k for a 2000 SLXI 1.8T in November, only 15,000 miles but I wouldn't have found one cheaper with the same miles.
Re: Used RS prices debate at Scoobynet (RS_Skoda)

I got it at the end of Sept 01, I have now done 22500 miles
. Along with the mods, I don't reckon I'd get more than £10k
. Never mind, I'm just going to enjoy it for another couple of years, well until its out of warranty, then I'll strip it, cage it and tune the hell out of it - make it my pure track toy!
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