The factory IHI turbocharger on your 1.8TSI or 2.0TSI engine is equipped with a turbo muffler positioned at the compressor outlet. The factory turbo muffler is designed to reduce engine bay noises caused by the turbocharger. The Spulen Turbo Muffler Delete replaces the factory turbo muffler with a CNC billet piece that provides uninterrupted air flow. A Viton o-ring is included and forms a leak free seal between the base of the turbocharger and the Turbo Muffler Delete. The Spulen Turbo Muffler Delete features a larger 2.25” outlet and a tapered design to allow for maximum air flow. Benefits of the Turbo Muffler Delete include increased throttle response, reduced turbo lag, and increased boost response.

A complete installation kit is included and consists of a custom silicone hose, stainless steel hose clamps, and an n75 relocation bracket. The Spulen Turbo Muffler Delete can be installed to the factory turbo outlet pipe or with the Spulen Turbo Outlet Pipe (part # SE-01301).

Available for the following Volkswagen models:
  • Mk5 GTI & Jetta 2.0TSI
  • Mk6 GTI & Jetta 2.0TSI
  • Mk6 Jetta 1.8TSI & 2.0TSI Generation 3
  • VW Beetle 1.8TSI & 2.0TSI
  • VW Passat 1.8TSI & 2.0TSI
  • VW CC 2.0TSI
  • VW Tiguan 2.0TSI
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Stock turbo muffler vs Spueln Turbo Muffler Delete