With the introduction of direct injection engines, intake valve carbon buildup has become a common occurrence especially on the 2.0T engines. Carbon buildup on the intake valves is largely attributed to oil vapors being recirculated back into the intake system. While the 2.0T does feature a factory oil separator, it is prone to failure and does a poor job of separating oil from air that is recirculated into the engine’s intake. In order to reduce intake valve carbon build up and properly separate oil vapors from recirculated air, a catch can system is needed.

Spulen is pleased to present the most complete catch can for your MK7 GTI and Golf 1.8T. The Spulen Billet Catch Can is a true piece of art. Constructed from a solid block of billet aluminum each catch can is carefully machined to precise tolerances. The interior of the catch can features a dual chamber design and baffle plate to provide superior separation of air and oil vapors. Dual built-in, -10an male fittings allow for maximum air flow. A conveniently located dipstick allows you to easily check the level inside of the catch can. The bottom of the catch can features a built in mounting bracket. An easy open petcock fitting located on the bottom of the catch can allows you to easily empty the contents of the can. A removable low profile bolt is located out of sight and allows for easy disassembly for thorough cleaning.

Perhaps the best features of the Spulen Catch Can Kit are found in the included CNC adapter plate. The billet aluminum adapter plate was carefully designed to directly replace the factory plastic PCV valve located on the cylinder head. The adapter plate fastens to the cylinder head using the included stainless steel bolts which feature tapered heads for a flush installation. An integrated baffle insures oil vapors are drawn into the catch can and engine oil is not. In a stroke of brilliance Spulen’s Engineers were able to incorporate a dual-port boost tap into the adapter. One port on the boost tap is used to provide vacuum to the factory evap purge valve while the second port is user configurable with the included hose barbs. One barb features a small opening and is perfect for connecting a boost gauge while the other barb features a larger opening for use with a diverter valve, water methanol kit, or other accessories. A removable plug is also included if you do not need to use the second port.

Finishing off the Spulen Catch Can Kit are dual -10an braided hoses with aluminum fittings. The first line connects the CNC adapter plate to the catch can while the second line connects the catch can to the inlet on the turbocharger. A special adapter fitting is included and allows the -10an hose to seamlessly connect to the port on the inlet of the turbocharger, eliminating the plastic hose used from the factory.

Understanding that keeping a factory appearance is a must, the Spulen Catch Can Kit is completely compatible with the factory engine cover. No modifications or trimming is required to maintain the factory engine cover.

  • Removes harmful oil vapors from intake system
  • Reduces carbon deposits, increasing performance and fuel economy
  • CNC adapter plate
  • Integrated dual-port boost tap
  • Billet Spherical catch can
  • Dual -10an hoses
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The Spulen Spherical Catch Can Kit is fully compatible with the factory engine cover. No cutting or trimming is required.

Cover On

Cover On2

Cover Off

The included CNC adapter plate features an internal baffle to separate oil vapors. The adapter plates features a dual port boost tap to provide vacuum for the evap purge valve and an additional port can be used to connect accessories such as a boost gauge, diverter valve, or a water methanol kit.




The included intake adapter attaches securely to the factory turbo inlet elbow and allows for a seamless connection to the included -10an hoses.

Intake Adapter 2

Intake Adapter

The Spherical Catch Can features dual internal baffling. The catch can top features a divider which promotes air and oil vapor separation. A second baffle plate bolts to the top of the catch can providing even more separation of air and vapors. The catch can is easily drained using the included petcock fitting.




Click Here for more details on the Silver Spherical Catch Can Kit.

Click Here for more details on the Black Spherical Catch Can Kit.