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In the land of car geeks, even those not obsessed with video gaming consoles and the like have probably sampled driving sim super games such as Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo. What you may not know though is that there's a whole online driving sim world that takes the vehicle and racing accessibility of these games and amps them by a power of ten on the geek scale if not always on the realism scale. While some of these games are great, many cars and other patch plug-ins can be a work in progress much like any shared platform product. We must admit, our staff are not driving sim experts beyond the obligatory Forza and GT DVDs in our living room, but we're suckers for an impressive game render... particularly of a four-ringer... and particularly of a four ringer we've yet to see in pixels.

Case in point is the C.A.R.S. project (Community Assisted Racing Sim) by Mad Studios. Think a coop for virtual car development where by driving sim nutters invest in the platform and have a say in its direction. We've not seen anything like it in the past but are certainly curious about the concept. We're even more curious since they dropped their most recent render (their first of a modern racecar) onto the VirtualR.net blog this week.

We're guessing that despite the nowhere near factory paint scheme, Audi fans will recognize the R18 TDI straight away. Perhaps the lack of Audi logos is simply C.A.R.S. being careful around trademarks, but we like to see the different take on Audi's most recent Le Mans-winner. In particular, we like the red... lots of red... almost as we liked the black scheme Audi used during testing last spring.

Read more about C.A.R.S. after jump #1 below, and more about the R18 render after jump #2 below.

C.A.R.S. - Lots of Info

C.A.R.S. Audi R18 TDI Render
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